Everybody Wants To Raid The Barn - No one Wants To Plant The Corn

I was going to my friend Mitch last week - he is among the owners of Eyesight Tech Computers within Fort Wayne - and we'd just a little chat. Mitch explained sometimes his customers (occasionally friends and family members) would call him actually after 11 pm to ask him in regards to a computer challenge and today, he has to switch off the telephone after 11 pm of all days. Unfortunately, he will not get paid for the tips that he provides.

My grandfather, an effective entrepreneur, used to say "The people who regularly provide or receive assistance without finding compensated are both fools."

I believe he had not been against helping people or sharing info when necessary, because almost all his existence he was involved with charity work almost every day. I believe he was discussing the "I'd like to pick the human brain free of charge" people and people who do not worth others' time because their own time isn't worth that much.

Not only Mitch but even We fall into this trap because the majority of us just like the high we get from supporting someone or posting something we just found out - specifically in technology. In additional cases, we just can't stand to state "NO" to somebody we know well.

What we don't realize maybe the missed billable period not serving paying clients or the information we give is not valued besides all of the received compliments. A thing that I also see is generally the individuals who would receive free of charge business advice don't perform anything with it because they understand "what they paid" for this.

The result is "what's not measured isn't treasured."

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